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In Nepal too, child club movement is in height. Child clubs are very popular. I found this website very interesting and praise worthy.
Kumar Bhattarai <>
Kathmandu, Nepal -
I think your website is very informative, and is a great source of information. Keep up the good work of keeping people aware of very important issues. -Roxanne (President of the R and A society against using animals in research).
Roxanne <>
Vero Beach, FL. USA -
this is a fantastic site. It really makes you think twice. I sent it to all my friends and I hope that people will finally wake up to themselves and stop killing these innocent animals.
Australia -
I just wanted to say a big thanks for making your site. It has helped me learn about trying to do less harm to the environment and aspects of vegetarianism. I have linked you on my own personal site because I find your website very informative and continue to visit. It definitely deserves to be visited often. Thanks once again =) -Laine>
New York, NY USA Continental -
this siye is really great i love that everyone here is trying to help the animals that are being abused and stuff keep up the good work and keep helping animals cause it is way cool! i want to thank you for doing all you can to help because i hate to think that animals that have done nothing are being hurt thatv is horrible!!!!!!!!!
Lindsey <>
sacramento, ca usa -
Well done, this site is really great. Just wanted to say hello, keep up the good work!
sklep rtv <>
This is a very nice and organized website... all of the animals are very cute... i love them so much that is why when i Graduate high school I'm going to work for the ASPCA in New York... oh yea if anyone has any info about that please send it to me at my email adress thank you very much.
Ashley Hartung <>
tekonsha, MI United States -
I love all the information you had
tedric williams <>
Baton Rouge, La Louisianna -
This site has so much reason. Animals are living creatures and do not deserve to be treated so cruely. WE SHOULD ALL DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!
Victoria <>
pomona, ny usa -
thank you for such a great web site, i love it!!! I'll share it with all of my friends! thanks again!
vancouver, wa usa -
I'd like to thank you for the informative issues I have read on your site. I am still learning myself, and although my animal activism is still in it's premature stage I feel as though I am on the right track now that I have found effective ways to help one isssue at a time. Thank you! Lisa Rojas Boston, MA
Lisa Rojas <>
chelsea, ma USA -
thanks for having a site like this, i had to do some research on vegetarians for school,because i am one, and it is a very informative site
uk -
Hi Alice,
I am still learning from your site every time I look at it.
Best wishes for its continued success.

Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK -