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Bossy, the cow with a mission

ASPCA's Animal Land 


Kids’ art gallery, how kids can help, action alerts for kids. On-line version of GRRR! Magazine.


Provides students and families with the necessary tools to
monitor frog population in local communities.
Information on how to help frogs, virtual frog exhibit, frog fact links,
frog trivia, coloring book.


Frog jokes, games, frog facts, how to help frogs, frog
fables, stories, coloring book.


Info on sea turtles and how kids can help.

Teens for Animals

Activist site for teens who want to help animals.
Sign up for e-mail alerts. On-line guide for starting a club to help animals.
What teens need to know about animal cruelty and youth violence.
Links to many animal organizations.


Interactive adventure into the wonderful world of wildlife for kids 5-16.
Stories, quizzes, fun things to do and lots of facts about nature and wildlife.

Endangered Animals of the World

Information on animals facing extinction.

Best Friends School House

How kids can make a difference,
information on animal-related professions, links to animal sites,
info on the Best Friends Sanctuary and the No More Homeless Pets Campaign.

Kind News On-line --  

On-line version of the KIND Newsletter. Games, stories, current events, projects.

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