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February 20, 2001 MEETING HIGHLIGHTS

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    There was a great turn-out for the February Meeting of the Gerritsen Beach Kind Kids Animal Lovers’ Club.  Twelve new members joined.  There are 46 kids registered in the Club.

     The kids had a number of great ideas for their humane project, but the majority were interested in helping stray animals.  One way of doing that is to identify an animal shelter and hold a community pet supply drive to benefit that shelter.  The kids were asked to select one of three animal shelters.   They voted unanimously, however, to "adopt" all three – Bobbi & the Strays of Ozone Park, the Brooklyn Animal Resources Coalition (B.A.R.C.) and the Brooklyn Center for Animal Care and Control (C.A.C.C.).   These shelters save many homeless animals each year and really need our help.   Representatives of each shelter will attend a future meeting to talk to the kids about the work they do and why their help is needed and appreciated.

     The drive will kick-off in early March.  Collection boxes for items and cans for money donations will be set up in a number of locations in Gerritsen Beach.  The kids will also be asking their teachers to participate in the project.  In addition, they will speak to family, friends, neighbors and classmates about donating to the drive.  They will be provided with flyers to distribute to people they know.

     Items needed by the shelters include used clean blankets and towels, new dog and cat toys, food and water bowls, leashes, collars, harnesses, grooming supplies, cat litter, dog and cat beds (can be used, but must be clean), scratching posts, puppy and kitten formula, animal nursing bottles, heating pads and lamps, dog coats and sweaters, dog and cat treats, dog and cat food, kennels and carriers.  Money donations are also needed.  Checks can be made payable to any of the three shelters and are tax-deductible.  In addition, paper pets will be available for "adoption" at Carole’s School of Dance on Gerritsen Avenue.  Those who donate $1.00 will have their name put on a paper pet which will be displayed at the dance studio.

     After discussing the pet supply drive and making some decorations for the collection boxes, the kids were treated to a visit by dog trainer Howard Pierce and Trixie – a Boxer/Ridgeback who was adopted last year from the C.A.C.C.  Trixie showed off all she has learned while Mr. Pierce answered training questions from the kids and parents.  When the talk was over, Trixie gladly consented to hugs and pictures.

     All of the kids took home envelopes filled with humane educational materials.

    The next meeting will be on March 10th at l:00 P.M. at the Gerritsen Beach Library.  The kids will continue to work on their pet drive project.   In addition, Wildlife Rehabilitator Eileen Jones, will visit with some interesting animals.

It’s not too late to join.  We hope to see you then.


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