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Gerritsen Beach's Kind Kids Club


     The March meeting of the Kind Kids Club was a busy one.  The kids decorated the collection boxes for the Community Pet Supply Drive that kicked off on March 20th.  This drive will benefit three local animal shelters – Bobbi Cares, the Brooklyn Animal Resources Coalition (B.A.R.C.) and the Brooklyn Center for Animal Care and Control (C.A.C.C.).  Representatives from Bobbi Cares and B.A.R.C. were present to explain the animal rescue work that they do and how the kids’ efforts will directly benefit animals.  The kids asked questions and told stories of their own animal rescues.  One member, Kristianna Tomlinson, brought two kittens she rescued to meet the kids.  In addition, we were honored by a visit from P.S. 277 teacher Miss Wilson who helped get the drive started by donating a giant box of dog biscuits.  If everyone is as thoughtful and generous as Miss Wilson, this will be a successful drive and many animals will benefit.

     We then switched gears from companion animals to wild animals and Wildlife Rehabilitator Eileen Jones spoke to the kids about animals that some people don’t like.  She brought some for the kids to meet including meal worms, mice, snakes, a pigeon, a duck and a red-tailed hawk.  It is a sad fact that some animals are persecuted just because of their appearance or because they are considered "pests" when all they are trying to do is survive in the little bit of space humans have left for them.  They suffer terribly at the hands of people who in their ignorance do not realize the important role of each animal.  Eileen wanted the kids to understand that all animals are entitled to live their lives without harassment.  She was pleasantly surprised to see that the Gerritsen Beach Kind Kids, who range in age from 4 to 11, already understood this!  They enjoyed meeting all of the animals and did not judge them on their looks or what other people might think of them but accepted them for who they are.  Unfortunately, there are many adults who still haven’t grasped that concept.

     The next meeting will be on April 7th at 1:00 P.M. at the Gerritsen Beach Library.  Helena Adams from the Center for Animal Care and Control will be the guest speaker.


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