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Gerritsen Beach's Kind Kids Club

adopt a cat or kitten      adopt a cat or kitten
adopt a cat or kitten      adopt a cat or kitten


Pet Supply Drive Report

     The final meeting of the season for the Kind Kids Club was on May 12, 2001 and it was an exciting and rewarding one.   The kids gathered up all of the donations collected during the past 6-8-week long community pet supply drive.  They sorted and counted the items and then divided them among the three shelters that benefited from the drive:  Bobbi Cares, Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC) and the Brooklyn Center for Animal Care and Control (CACC). (you can put pictures here of kids sorting and counting).

     Everyone was amazed at how much was collected.  There was a total of $1,785. This was divided as follows:  $1,025 to Bobbi Cares and $380 each to BARC and the CACC.  The larger amount was given to Bobbi Cares since the rescue group has no shelter and must pay for boarding and foster care for the animals it rescues.   The CACC donation was earmarked specifically for the "Daisy Fund" which provides medical care for injured strays who might otherwise be put to sleep because there are no funds in the budget to pay for this type of medical care.  On the day the donation was made, a portion was used to save a collie/shepherd puppy who had been brought in with an injured leg.

     In addition to the money, the following items were also collected:

90 cans and 59 bags of dog food
119 cans of cat food
88 bags/boxes of dog treats
33 bags/boxes of cat treats
131 dog toys
250 cat toys (thanks in great part toalmost 200 toys donated by Petco)
100 dog chewies
38 cat beds
1 scratching post
8 bags of cat litter
2 dog cages
1 bird cage
1 critter cage
6 brushes
34 grooming items
265 collars and leashes
1 dog coat
10 dog sweaters
2 pairs of dog booties
9 bowls
14 blankets
40 sheets|
2 comforters
154 towels
2 nursing bottles
2 hampers
4 bottles of vitamins and medicines

     After sorting, counting and dividing, the group packed the donations into two trucks.  One delivered the donations to the CACC and the other to BARC.  BARC works closely with Bobbi Cares and agreed to deliver those items for us.

     At the CACC, the cats bed were put in every cage in the showroom and the cats and kittens were drawn to them like magnets (click here to see pictures).   Beds were also distributed in the small dog room.  We’ve been told that the beds have not only made the animals more comfortable and relaxed but also improved their adoptability as the animals appear more attractive lying on their little beds rather than crouching in shredded newspaper.

     At BARC the dog toys were immediately distributed and were a big hit.

     The drive was a tremendous success.  Many animals benefited and the Kind Kids learned a very important lesson…you don’t have to be a grown-up to make a difference!

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